The fist stage

Exhibition, Investigation

Exhibition investigation

The annual international will form a joint inspection team, led by CEO Peter of the international public, with the number of rich experience in office furniture industry sales of Union international dealers.

They will participate in the exhibition include Milan, Cologne exhibition, international furniture exhibition, the first time to catch the forefront of the industry and product design, communication, and some of the best suppliers or manufacturers to establish contact, and to show the first hand data.

The second stage

Collection, Data base

Product data collection

Located in Tianjin Union international operations, will rely on the joint monitoring mission back to the information and data, the establishment of manufacturers and product database, the use of Internet technology to improve the product information and data..

Will include pictures of products, product description, designer, design background, comprehensive information about the product model products finishing well into the large database Zhonglian products.

The third stage

Product, Introduction

Product selection

In the product database under the support of the public, is located in Beijing Union international products division, will begin on the first selection of products, according to the simple style, novel design, advanced technology, several factors such as screening for Chinese market price and consumer products.

Subsequently, the International Department will select Union products after the products submitted for meeting Zhonglian conference and the second round of selection, and ultimately selected the best European designer products, join the international Union products into the list, by introducing the International Department of Union.

The fourth stage

Factory visit, Order goods

Factory inspection, order

Union International Department inspection team will be based on the introduction of the list, further communication with product manufacturers, products factory visit to the site.

Starting with the raw material and production process of the product, investigating every link of the product production, ensuring that the products meet the national standards, and finally signing a memorandum of cooperation with the manufacturer and writing the survey report.

By the investigation team leader will be the investigation report submitted tri-link international general meeting of shareholders, and will bring back samples of the products displayed at the meeting, after the meeting, final product introduction plan, signed a contract with the factory and orders to complete the product introduction.